1989    Taiwan Yuang Kau Securities Co. Ltd, a securities brokerage firm with capital of NT$200 million, was established by Evergo Hong Kong Holding Ltd. in June.

   1990    Primasia Financial Services Corp. was founded in both Taipei and Hong Kong.

   1990    Primasia Financial Services Corp. was entrusted with the management of Taiwna Yuang Kau Securties Co. Ltd.

   1994    Yuang Kau Securities (Hong Kong), a subsidiary of Taiwan Yuang Kau Securities Co., Ltd., was established in Hong Kong.

   1994    Peregrine Investment Holding Limited (Hong Kong) invested in Taiwan Yuang Kau Securities Co. Ltd. and appointed Mr. David Tran as the chairman of the company Taiwan Yuang Kau, with capital of NT$1billion, became a comprehensive financial securities company, covering brokerage, underwriting, and proprietary trading.

   1995    Taiwan Yuang Kau Securities was renamed to Peregrine Securities Co. Ltd. Yuang Kau Securities (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd was renamed to Peregrine Securities (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

   1997    Primasia International Holdings purchased the commercial 1997 Primasia International Holdings purchased the commercial office premises on 19th floor in Lin-Yun Bldg and further leased it to The More International Group.

   1997    Peregrine Securities invested in Taiwan Future Exchange and established a branch office in Xinyi District.

   1998    Peregrine Securities engaged in brokerage for domestic equity index future.

   1999    Primasia Financial Services Corp. acquired stakes in Peregrine Securities Co. Ltd. from Peregrine Investment Holding Limited (Hong Kong). Peregrine Securities Co. Ltd. invested in its subsidiary, Primasia Investment Trust Co.

   1999    Peregrine Securities Co. Ltd. was renamed to Primasia Securities Co. Ltd. Peregrine Securities (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd., was renamed to Primasia Securities Asia Limited Primasia Securities cancelled margin purchase and short sale and started its agency business for securities margin purchase and short sale.

   1999    Primasia Securities purchased office premises on 3rd and 6th in the World Trade building at No. 99 Fu-Hsin N. Road.

   1999    Primasia Securities Co. Ltd. invested in Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation.

   2002    Primasia Securities Co. Ltd. closed down its branch office in Xinyi district.

   2002    Primasia Conference & Business Center was founded.

   2002    Primasia Financial Services Corp. purchased office premises in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

   2006    Primasia International Holdings acquired 22.5% stakes in Primasia Investment Trust Co.

   2006    Nikko Cordial Securities acquired 34% stakes in Primasia Securities Co. Ltd. and 50% stakes in Primasia Securities Asia Limited.

   2006    Primasia Investment Consultancy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Primasia Securities, terminated its business operation and entered into liquidation.

   2007    Primasia Securities Co. Ltd began handling consignment trading of foreign securities listed on HKEX and TSE.

   2007    Primasia Securities established a subsidiary for online trading business.

   2008    Mr. Thomas Lu was appointed as the Chairman of Primasia Securities Co. ltd.

   2010    Primasia Financial Services Corp. sold Primasia Investment Trust Co. to BlackRock Inc.

   2010    Nikko Cordial Securities acquired Primasia Securities Asia Limited.

   2011    Nikko Cordial Securities renamed Primasia Securities Asia Limited. to SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) Ltd.

   2012    Primasia Securities sold the office premises on 6th floor in the-World Trade Building to Taiwan Sotheby's International Realty.

   2013    SMBC Nikko Securities transferred all of its holdings of Primasia Securities Co. Ltd.

   2014    Primasia Conference & Business Center began operation.

   2014    Primasia Securities appointed Mega Securities as the transfer agent for shareholder mangement.

   2015    Primasia Securities terminated FCM operation and engaged in futures introducing broker business.

   2016    9F Group acquired Primasia Securities Asia and renamed it as 9F Primasia Securities Limited on September 9th, 2016.

   2018    Primaroma began operation.

   2019    Acquires Xin Feng Securities, Officially becomes Primasia Xin Feng Branch on January 1.